The key lies in the name – Itihaas- the restaurant and its cuisine dates back to the Itihaas of the Indian sub-continent which envelopes modern day India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
Itihaas’s cuisine is a tribute to the very rich and diverse cuisine of the sub-continent. With influences in its vegetarian cuisine reflecting the Vedic and Rajput recipes to its non-vegetarian delicacies reflecting the Mughalai era – Itihaas’s cuisine aims to impress.

Itihaas acknowledges that food feeds the soul and lies at the heart of an Asian event. This is evident in the authentic, flavoursome, rich and celebratory bespoke meal presented with a traditional or modern twist at each of our events.

Our specialist chefs pride themselves on their knowledge of the cuisine of every region of the Indian sub-continent. Be your wedding a traditional Punjabi wedding, Gujarati wedding, Marathi wedding, Andhrite wedding, Tamilian wedding, Himachali wedding, Keralite wedding, Marwadi wedding, Bihari wedding, Kashmiri wedding, Pakistani wedding, Bengali wedding, Nepali wedding, Sri Lankan wedding, Goan or Konkani wedding, Jain wedding, Rajasthani wedding or North- East Indian wedding Itihaas can tailor a menu to meet your needs.

Itihaas also creates bespoke premium fusion menus especially designed for inter-cultural and inter-race marriages, where we aim to marry flavours to create a marriage as unique and bespoke as yours. With interracial marriages on the rise, Itihaas strives to combine flavours & palates from across the world to suit your and your guests’ tastebuds.

Our premium and specially crafted menus are ideal for any event and 3 of our sample menus can be viewed below: